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A chair is a type of furniture used for sitting, consisting of a back, and sometimes armrests, commonly for use by one person. Chairs often have the seat raised above floor level supported by four legs.

A variety back or armrests is called a stool, or when raised up, a bar stool (adults) or high chair (young children). A chair with arms is an armchair and with folding action and inclining footrest, a recliner. A permanently fixed chair in a train or theater is a seat or airline seat when riding, it is a saddle and bicycle saddle, and for an automobile, a car seat or infant car seat. With wheels, it is a wheelchair and when hung from above, a swing.

The Story Behind KK+

KARASSI KARASSI+ is not about only exclusive chairs, it is more than that..IT is a SET.
We offer your home the contemporary set it needs. Whichever season it is, KARASSI KARASSI+ will always fit in perfectly. Experience your home!


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